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A veteran retraces his footsteps as a Marine platoon commander in Vietnam. Ord goes on to reflect on that war and the recent conflicts in Iraq & Afghanistan. He digs deep to confront the emotions that underlie his experience of combat, and with each battle deals with his emerging understanding of war and of the warriors that marched with him—back then and today. Bold, honest, and often heart-rending, this book will speak to his generation and those that have followed.


My platoon fought side by side with Ord’s. Our Marines were some of the finest, bravest men I have ever met. Any war is a life altering experience, not fully understood by those who have not been in combat. Ord has found the words to convey the feelings and thoughts that echo my own but have been difficult for me to express for many decades. I was only able to talk with my wife about Vietnam ten years ago. Veterans of any war can find their voice in The Warrior’s Silence.
~ Tom Givvin, Marine Rifle Platoon Commander in Vietnam

My father fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Two years later, when I was only six, he committed suicide. Ord’s insight into the warrior’s mind has helped me understand how what he endured could have trumped his love for me, my mother and my baby sisters. Had I known this sixty years ago my life would have been much different. I have now finally found some closure and peace. For everyone in the helping profession this is a must read.
~ Catherine Webber, Oregon State Senator, Social Worker, currently CEO of The Institute for Modern Government

Elliott uses his tremendous command of the English language to invite the reader inside the head of a young man going to war in Vietnam in 1967, complete with sights, smells and sounds. The latter journey is so vivid it may not be for everyone. He speaks from the heart but does not address his own bravery under fire and the risks he took on behalf of his Marines. I can attest to that as I saw it first hand in Hotel Company. Semper Fidelis.
~ LtCol Ray Madonna USMC (Ret)

As a reader I became “embedded” in Ord’s platoon, experiencing the horror of battlefields while comrades fall, and then witnessing how some soldiers cannot escape this nightmare when they return. With thousands of our service men and women returning home from wars today, this book is a vital read for everyone with an interest in developing and championing effective strategies for the care and treatment of our combat veterans to ensure that those who survive deployment can also survive and thrive back home.
~ Severine Brocki PhD, former Director of Policy and Issue Management for the American Medical Association

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